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07 May, 2019

How to: Spinning Back Fist for MMA

One of the most effective martial arts techniques is the spinning back fist. It’s a powerful tool you can use against your opponent. The spinning back fist or spinning back elbow can generate a lot of torque, and though it can be tricky, it can be mastered by almost anyone. It is called a “spinning back fist,” because the fighter is...


03 Jan, 2019

The Best Supplement for MMA fighters, Wrestlers, Boxers & Jujitsu

   The Problem Most pre-workouts are designed for bodybuilders and powerlifters, not combat sports athletes. Plus, they often contain compounds that lead to a muscle pump. This is great if you are trying to get that “pumped” look and feeling as you’re hoisting iron. But most fighters and cardio-based athletes have a different agenda. They are more concerned with getting a...


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