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How to: Spinning Back Fist for MMA, Kick Boxing or Street Fighting

07 May, 2019

How to: Spinning Back Fist for MMA

One of the most effective martial arts techniques is the spinning back fist. It’s a powerful tool you can use against your opponent. The spinning back fist or spinning back elbow can generate a lot of torque, and though it can be tricky, it can be mastered by almost anyone. It is called a “spinning back fist,” because the fighter is making the punch with the back of their fist, elbow or forearm and using the spin to generate a ton of power and speed.

The spinning back fist is often done after a fighter has missed with a standard kick or punch. A simple way to do this is to begin in your regular fighting stance. You can start off with a jab. This accomplishes two things: it will distract your opponent and it will also lead you to see how he or she will react. Once you’ve noticed how your opponent is reacting whether with a hard parry or other move, you can move forward with the jab.  First step outside and cross over with your foot. Next, you must use this momentum to lower yourself slightly and pivot. Then turn quickly with your back to your opponent. Follow up with the outside arm with the back of the fist aimed at the other fighter and strike.


If you miss and hit with either the elbow or forearm, you’ll still inflict significant damage. You’ll come to find that the power comes from not just your fist, elbow or arm, but your torso. The rotation of your body helps to give you some power, and the bigger the torso the more torque you generate. This is quite similar to shot putters, who often use their body’s rotation to throw harder and faster. The concept here is basically the same: you are using your body like a spring. You are storing valuable kinetic energy and releasing that energy in the form of a hit. The amount of force you can apply with the hit increases with mass, which is why a bigger torso is associated with more impact.

Also, you can often combine the spinning back fist with other strikes. For example, start off with a jab to the abdomen. Even if the other fighter parries it, you have distracted him enough to pivot and go for the spinning back fist. You can also use a reverse spin to get a similar effect. First, begin by using the back leg to deliver a hit to the chest or abdomen. Use the forward momentum to step off and pivot and then releasing a back fist to your opponent. Alternatively, you can also land a hit with your elbow or forearm as well.

The spinning back fist is a powerful technique that when combined with your defense routine, can be extremely effective. Practice makes perfect, so the only way to execute this move is by consistently performing it. After a while, it will become second nature. You’ll be able to successfully combine this move with others and make yourself pretty formidable. This is also a great move for guys who are bigger, and while some moves emphasize speed, this is all about power.

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