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Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules vs. Liquid: Which Form is Better?

20 Sep, 2019

Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules vs. Liquid: Which Form is Better?

Why apple cider vinegar capsules are better than liquid

For some time, people have debated on which form of apple cider vinegar is better. To some, they feel that the apple cider vinegar pills should be embraced. Some feel that the liquid form is better. The rest feel that they don't care which one they take as long as it is apple cider vinegar. Those that feel that any can be taken tend to forget that the form it is taken matters a lot. The efficacy of the liquid form won't be on the same level with the efficacy of the apple cider vinegar pills.

We all know what ACV can do for us! Kill harmful bacteria, lower your blood sugar, help with diabetes, reduce weight, works as an appetite suppressant, Lowers cholesterol and improves heart health.... bla bla bla... Ok, we know it's great for us and we should be taking it, but how and in what form?

There is a great chance that you may have come across the liquid form in the health food section of your local supermarket. It may even be in your home, gathering dust because you rarely use. You are oblivious that Apple cider vinegar can do a lot of magic to you.

On the other hand, you are already a lover of it, but you found out that there are Apple cider vinegar capsules, and you are wondering what the pill form could do for you. Is it better than the liquid form? Should you try it?

Does The Way You Consume Apple Cider Vinegar Matter?

Many times, when we take natural health products, we tend to ignore the method we take them. We only believe that once the substance is in our system, we are good to go. One thing you should ask yourself is if the method you are taking that health product is the best way? Are you maximizing its efficacy or not? These should be in your mind. We take natural health products, not for the fun of it, but for what it can offer.

It doesn't matter if you are an expert in what apple cider vinegar can offer, facts show that taking apple cider vinegar pills may work in a similar manner to the liquid, but they still possess an upper hand when compared to their counterparts. Why is this so?

When it comes down to the great liquid apple cider vinegar and apple cider vinegar pills debate, what makes the former win is what the latter does to the teeth.

Have you taken the liquid form of apple cider vinegar, there is a great chance that it would have worn down your teeth, after a while. This is one of the annoying aftermaths that Apple cider vinegar liquid brings.

If you drink it for a long time, you will notice that your enamel will erode because of the acetic acid that is seen in the vinegar. That's not all, it will also destroy the mucous seen in your esophagus, throat, as well as the mouth. This worsens if you do not have this liquid diluted with water before you drink it.

Once your tooth enamel is eroded, your teeth become susceptible to a lot of damage. Before you can say 'Jack Robinson,' you are battling with sensitivity, cavities, as well as decay.

You will notice a lot of burning feeling in both your throat and mouth. No one would want to go through that.

Does this mean that you should avoid Apple cider vinegar? Far from it. You can enjoy its benefits without having to deal with any side effect, if only you take it in the pill form. This goes a long way to prevent you from suffering from burning and erosion of the enamel.

Don't forget that while taking Apple cider vinegar of any type, you need to take a lot of water.

Using this method is a lot safer, and you tend to enjoy similar benefits. Apart from that, using this method means you won't have to suffer the non-appealing taste of the liquid ACV. Anyone that takes the Apple cider vinegar liquid and says that they like it is most likely lying.


Both liquid or capsules are great for you! If you can handle the taste of the liquid then this is not a bad choice and if you like the convenience and ease of capsules or pills then this is also a great choice! Either way make sure your making ACV a part of your daily supplement regimen.

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