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10 Ways to Help Prevent the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

14 Mar, 2020

10 Ways to Help Prevent the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

When it comes to the coronavirus we are all affected in some way shape or form. For those directly infected with the disease to those who lost their jobs due to shutdowns and location quarantines. If a school shuts down how can the parents go to work? And without work how can they afford to pay the bills? This is a slippery slope and we are seeing the impact of this disease everywhere. Thousands are infected and many have died, the stock market has come crashing down, crypto currency is even worse, people have lost their jobs and family members. People are scared and planning for the future. 

What can we do to give yourself the best chance of staying healthy and limiting your chances of becoming infected with this coronavirus? We have made a list of 10 things to help prevent the coronavirus.  


1. Get Enough Sleep 

The most important thing you can do is keep your immune system strong and getting enough sleep is a huge part of keeping your immune system strong. 

 2.Lower Your Alcohol Intake


Just as getting enough sleep will help boost your immune system, drinking too much alcohol will have the opposite effect and lower your immune system.


3.Drink Large Amounts of Water 

Drinking a large amount of water is quite possibly one of the best things you can do to improve your overall health. Staying hydrated and flushing out your system is crucial for staying healthy and keeping your body strong. 


 4.Eat Clean and Healthy Food 

Fuel your body like a race car. If you put bad gas in the car you are much more likely to breakdown and be left on the side of the road. Avoid fast food as this will lower your immune system as well. 


5.Take Vitamins and Immune Boosting Supplements

You should be getting the majority of your vitamins and minerals from natural organic food however it’s not always easy to get everything you need. We suggest taking a multivitamin, Vitamin C and apple cider vinegar as this is amazing for boosting your immune system. 


6.Lose Weight and Stay in Shape 

Obesity in America is a huge problem at the moment. A large number of the infected were elderly and or obese. Adding exercise and a proper diet will drastically increase your chances for loosing weight and preventing diseases. At this time it might be best to avoid the gym train at your home. 


7.Wear Protective Masks in Congested Locations

Wearing protective masks especially when you are using public transport will help to protect not only yourself but if you are infected it will help to protect the people around you. 


8.Use the Sauna and Cold Tub 

Using a sauna on a regular basis has tons of health benefits. There is skepticism on if it actually kills viruses, however, it is wonderful for flushing your system and boosting your overall health. 


9.Wash Your Hands and use disinfectant wipes 

This is pretty obvious to wash your hands and use disinfectant wipes however, we often forget to do it. It is also important to explain to our children that now more than ever this is extremely necessary to help us all stay safe. 

10.If You’re Not Wearing a Mask

If you are in a public area and you're not wearing a (N95) Anti-Pollution Dust Mask make sure you cough into your arm away from others. Remember normal masks have almost no protection from this virus. 


Watch for symptoms


Reported illnesses have varied from mild symptoms to severe illness and death for confirmed coronavirus disease 2019-2020 (COVID-19) cases.

The following symptoms may appear around 2-14 days after exposure.*

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

Please share this simple list to help prevent (COVID-19) with your loved ones. Be safe and be smart! 


Michael Osterholm is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology. He is Regents Professor, McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair in Public Health, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Division of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, a professor in the Technological Leadership Institute, College of Science and Engineering, and an adjunct professor in the Medical School, all at the University of Minnesota.


Look for his book "Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Deadly Germs" for more info. Click here! 

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