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10 Foods to Help Boost Your Immune System and Protect from the Corona

19 Apr, 2020

10 Foods to Help Boost Your Immune System and Protect from the Corona Virus

10 Foods to Help Boost Your Immune System and Protect You from the Corona Virus

Before we start by no way are we saying food will prevent you from any disease including COVID 19. For the best ways to stay safe from the coronavirus read this blog post  Ways to Help Prevent the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  We are only giving a list of foods that have been shown to improve your immune system.  

Your immune system plays a significant role in defending you against disease-causing micro-organisms. In order for your immune system to function optimally, it requires balance and harmony. General healthy living is a great way to give your immune system an upper hand. Your diet, physical activity, psychological stress, and age play a huge role in the functionality of your immune system. As such, you can boost your immune system by making a few lifestyle changes and incorporate healthy living habits. A great start to boosting your immune system is through eating a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables. Below is a list of immune-boosting foods that you should add to your diet to help you boost your immune system and protect you from the coronavirus.

Citrus fruits

Numerous home remedies contain a citrus fruit such as oranges, lemons, lime, grapefruits, clementines, and tangerines, and for a good reason. Citrus fruits are packed with Vitamin C, which has been proven to increase the production of white blood cells (they fight infections by attacking bacteria, germs, and viruses). Our bodies do not store or produce Vitamin C, so it is essential to incorporate foods that have high Vitamin C content in each meal.



Garlic is a common ingredient in most dishes across the globe. It’s benefits, however, transcend adding flavor to your food. Throughout modern and ancient history, garlic has been used to prevent and treat various conditions and diseases. Raw garlic contains calcium, potassium, and over 100 sulfuric compounds that have immunity-boosting properties, and they can wipe out infections and bacteria. 



Just like garlic, ginger is used in numerous recipes. It is also a popular remedy for nausea and inflammatory illnesses, such as the sore throat. Ginger has been known to help fight drug-resistant bacteria and stimulate the respiratory cells to secrete an anti-viral protein known as interferon-beta. It is a scientifically proven immunity booster with numerous health benefits.



Kiwis are packed with essential nutrients such as folate, Vitamin K, potassium, and vitamin C. As previously mentioned; Vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells, which are essential for the prevention of diseases and infections. The other nutrients are highly beneficial for a healthy and optimally functioning body.



Seaweed is a natural superfood that has been scientifically proven to boost your immunity. It encourages the healthy growth of intestinal flora (good bacteria), which significantly boosts your immune system. Like Vitamin C, seaweed also boosts the production of white blood cells, which are responsible for fighting both viral and bacterial infections. 



Papaya is packed with Vitamin C. By eating one single papaya, you provide your body with the recommended daily quota of Vitamin C. It also contains papain, an enzyme that has anti-inflammatory properties which, folate, potassium, and B Vitamins which are all essential for your health.


Blueberries play a significant role in boosting your respiratory immune defense system because they contain a flavonoid known as anthocyanin. Flavonoids are scientifically proven to boost your immune system, and anthocyanin’s antioxidant can help boost your immune system.


Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are a great addition to salads, but they are also packed with Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant. Vitamin E has been scientifically proven to fight off free radicals, which can damage your cells and therefore improves immune function.


A serving of two cups of watermelon contains 250mg potassium, 30%of the daily recommended Vitamin A, and 25% of the daily recommended. It also contains vitamin B6 and glutathione, which is essential for a high functioning immune system.  Glutathione is a major cellular antioxidant and a known inhibitor of inflammatory response in reactive oxygen species

Wheat germ

Wheat germ is packed with B Vitamins, Zinc, and Vitamin E. When it’s sprinkled on top of yogurt and cereal, it gives you the nutritional boost you need for healthy living. The extra vitamins and minerals are essential for an optimally functioning immune system and overall wellness.

The coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on everyone globally. It has lead to numerous deaths, and millions of victims are quarantined internationally. However, there are numerous cases of people who have recovered from the deadly virus, and this proves that we can deal with the virus to avoid fatal results. As such, it is recommended to be safe by following the guidelines set, such as regularly washing your hands and avoiding touching your face, wearing a mask, etc. You can also include the foods mentioned above to your diet in order to boost your immunity and help you fight any viral or bacterial infections.

A healthy diet with highly nutritious foods coupled with regular physical activity might be what you need to stay healthy and free of diseases such as the coronavirus. You can easily access these foods and incorporate them into numerous recipes. While it might seem like the uncertainty during these times might lead to stringent measures being taken, there is hope in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you would like to read our post on the top supplements to boost your immune system click here and stay safe! 

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